Film Scouts Reviews

Film Scouts Reviews

"'Til There Was You" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"2 Days in the Valley" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"20 Dates" (by Karen Jaehne)
"8 Heads in a Duffel Bag" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Absolute Power" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Absolute Power" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Addicted to Love" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Le Affinita elettive (The Elective Affinities)" (by David Sterritt)
"Affliction" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Air Force One" (by Richard Schwartz)
"All Over Me" (by Liza Bear)
"Amantes del Círculo Polar, Los (The Lovers of the Arctic Circle)" (by Andréa C. Basora)
"The Amazing Panda Adventure" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"American Job" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The American President" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The American President" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Analyze This" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Animals" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Anna Karenina" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Anna Karenina" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Antz" (by Jason Gorber)
"Any Given Sunday" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Apollo 13" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Apollo 13" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Apostle" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Aprile (April)" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Aprile (April)" (by David Sterritt)
"Apt Pupil" (by Thom Bennett)
"Arabian Knight" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Artemisia" (by Jason Gorber)
"Artemisia" (by Karen Jaehne)
"As Good As It Gets" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Augustin" (by Henri Béhar)
"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" (by Jason Gorber)
"An Awfully Big Adventure" (by Sheila Benson)
"An Awfully Big Adventure" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"B. Monkey" (by Thom Bennett)
"Babe" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Bachelor" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Badkonake Sefid (The White Balloon)" (by Henri Béhar)
"Bajo la piel (Under the Skin)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Balto" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Bathing Boxers" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Batman & Robin" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Batman Forever" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Beautician and the Beast" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Beautopia" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Bed of Roses" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Before and After" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Before and After" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Belle de Jour" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Beverly Hills Ninja" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Big Green" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Big Lebowski" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Big Momma's House" (by Thom Bennett)
"Big Night" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Big One" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Blackout" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Blackout" (by David Sterritt)
"The Blair Witch Project" (by Thom Bennett)
"The Blair Witch Project" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Blood and Wine" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Blue Streak" (by Thom Bennett)
"Bogus" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Boogie Nights" (by Benjamin Ibrahim)
"Brain Candy" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Brassed Off" (by Liza Bear)
"The Brave" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"The Brave" (by David Sterritt)
"Braveheart" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Breakdown" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Breaking the Waves" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Bridges of Madison County" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Bringing Out the Dead" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Broken Arrow" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Brothers McMullen" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Buddy" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Buenos Aires Vice Versa" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Butcher Boy" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Büvös vadász (Magic Hunter)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Can't Hardly Wait" (by Thom Bennett)
"Carla's Song" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Carne trémula (Live Flesh)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Carne trémula (Live Flesh)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Carried Away" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Carrington" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Casper" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Castle" (by Thom Bennett)
"Caught" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Celebrity" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Celluloid Closet" (by Henri Béhar)
"Celtic Pride" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Ceremony" (by Henri Béhar)
"Ceux qui m'aiment predront le train (Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train)" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"Chacun cherche son chat (When the Cat's Away)" (by Liza Bear)
"Chain Reaction" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Chamber" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Cheun gwong tsa sit (Happy Together)" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Chinese Box" (by Jason Gorber)
"Cinema of Unease: A Personal Journey by Sam Neill" (by Henri Béhar)
"Citizen Langlois" (by Henri Béhar)
"Citizen Ruth" (by Karen Jaehne)
"City Hall" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"City of Industry" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Claire Dolan" (by David Sterritt)
"La Classe de neige (The Class Trip)" (by David Sterritt)
"Clay Pigeons" (by Jason Gorber)
"Clockers" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Coloured" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Comment je me suis disputé... (ou ma vie sexuelle) (My Sex Life... or How I Got Into an Argument)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Con Air" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Conceiving Ada" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Congo" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Contact" (by Peter Backus)
"Contact" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Contact" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Conte d'été (A Summer's Tale)" (by David Sterritt)
"Conte d'été (A Summer's Tale)" (by David Sterritt)
"Convento, O (The Convent)" (by Henri Béhar)
"Cop Land" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Copycat" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Cradle Will Rock" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Crash" (by Harlan Jacobson)
"Crash" (by David Sterritt)
"The Crossing Guard" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (by Jonathan Robert Muirhead)
"The Crucible" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Cry, the Beloved Country" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Dance Me to My Song" (by David Sterritt)
"Dark City" (by Sheila Benson)
"Dark City" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"Dead Heart" (by Wes Rosenbaum)
"Dead Man Walking" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Dead Man Walking" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Dead Man's Curve" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Dead Presidents" (by Henri Béhar)
"Dead Presidents" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Death and Loss of Sexual Innocence" (by Andréa C. Basora)
"Deconstructing Harry" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Delta of Venus" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Desert Blue" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Desperado" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Detroit Rock City" (by Thom Bennett)
"Devil in a Blue Dress" (by Henri Béhar)
"The Devil's Advocate" (by Richard Schwartz)
"The Devil's Own" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Diabolique" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Dick" (by Thom Bennett)
"Different for Girls" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Digging to China" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Discovering Max Linder" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Dog Park" (by Thom Bennett)
"Dogma" (by Thom Bennett)
"Donnie Brasco" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Double Jeopardy" (by Debra Lass)
"Double Team" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Doug's 1st Movie" (by Thom Bennett)
"Down Periscope" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Dracula: Dead and Loving It" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Dudley Do-Right" (by Thom Bennett)
"Ed" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Emma" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"End of Days" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Enemy at the Gates" (by Jonathan Robert Muirhead)
"The English Patient" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill, But Came Down a Mountain" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Eraser" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Eraser" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Escape from L.A." (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Evening Star" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Evita" (by Henri Béhar)
"Executive Decision" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Eye for an Eye" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Eyes Wide Shut" (by Henri Béhar)
"Eyes Wide Shut" (by Jeremy M. Posner)
"Face/Off" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Faculty" (by Thom Bennett)
"A Family Thing" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Fan" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Fargo" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Fast Food, Fast Women" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Fast, Cheap & Out of Control" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Father of the Bride Part II" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Father of the Bride Part II" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Fathers' Day" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (by David Sterritt)
"Feast of July" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Felicia's Journey" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Feng Yue (Temptress Moon)" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"Fierce Creatures" (by Benjamin Ibrahim)
"Fierce Creatures" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Fifth Element" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Fifth Element" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Le Fils de Gascogne (The Sons of Gascogne)" (by Henri Béhar)
"Finding Forrester" (by Jonathan Robert Muirhead)
"First Kid" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"First Knight" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"First Strike" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The First Wives Club" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Flamenco (de Carlos Saura)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas" (by Thom Bennett)
"Flirt" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Flirting with Disaster" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"La Flor de mi secreto" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Fly Away Home" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Fools Rush In" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"For Love of the Game" (by Thom Bennett)
"Four Rooms" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Frank and Ollie" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Frat House" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Freeway" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Frighteners" (by Karen Jaehne)
"From Dusk Till Dawn" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"From the Journals of Jean Seberg" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"From the Journals of Jean Seberg" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Full Monty" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Funny Games" (by David Sterritt)
"Gabbeh" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Gaing o chi chun (The Emperor and the Assassin)" (by Henri Béhar)
"Galaxy Quest" (by Richard Schwartz)
"The Gate of Heavenly Peace" (by Henri Béhar)
"Gattaca" (by Jason Gorber)
"Généalogies d'un crime (Genealogies of a Crime)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The General" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Georgia" (by Henri Béhar)
"Georgia" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Georgia" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Get on the Bus" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Get Shorty" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Ghosts" (by Richard Schwartz)
"The Gift" (by Jonathan Robert Muirhead)
"Girl 6" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Girls Town" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"God Said 'Ha!'" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Godfather" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Gods and Monsters" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Godzilla" (by Jeremy M. Posner)
"The Golden Bowl" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"The Golden Bowl" (by David Sterritt)
"GoldenEye" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Goodbye, Lover" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Goodbye, Lover" (by David Sterritt)
"Grace of My Heart" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Grass Harp" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Grosse Pointe Blank" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Grotesque" (by Henri Béhar)
"Guantanamera" (by Liza Bear)
"Guimba, un tyrant une époque (Guimba, a Tyrant and His Era)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Guinevere" (by Debra Lass)
"Gun Shy" (by Thom Bennett)
"Hackers" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Hai shan hua (Flowers of Shanghai)" (by David Sterritt)
"Halloween H2O: Twenty Years Later" (by Thom Bennett)
"Hana-bi (Fireworks)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"The Hanging Garden" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Haonan haonu (Good Men, Good Women)" (by Henri Béhar)
"Happiness" (by Jason Gorber)
"Happiness" (by David Sterritt)
"Happy Gilmore" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Heat" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Heat" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Heaven's Prisoners" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Heavy" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Held Up" (by Thom Bennett)
"Hercules" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Hideous Kinky" (by Andréa C. Basora)
"High Art" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"High Art" (by Richard Schwartz)
"High Art" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"Hilary and Jackie" (by Jason Gorber)
"Histoire(s) du Cinéma" (by David Sterritt)
"Home for the Holidays" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Home Page" (by Andréa C. Basora)
"The Horse Whisperer" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The House of Yes" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Le Huitième jour (The Eighth Day)" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"L'Humanité" (by David Sterritt)
"I Married a Strange Person" (by Jason Gorber)
"I Shot Andy Warhol" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"I'm Not Rappaport" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Ice Storm" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"The Ice Storm" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Idioterne (The Idiots)" (by David Sterritt)
"If Lucy Fell" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Illtown" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Illuminata" (by David Sterritt)
"Illuminated Heart" (by David Sterritt)
"The Impostors" (by Richard Schwartz)
"In & Out" (by Richard Schwartz)
"In the Bleak Midwinter" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"In the Bleak Midwinter" (by Karen Jaehne)
"In the Bleak Midwinter" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Independence Day" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Independence Day" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Indian in the Cupboard" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Inside/Out" (by David Sterritt)
"Inspector Gadget" (by Thom Bennett)
"Intimacy (Intimité)" (by Jonathan Robert Muirhead)
"Inventing the Abbotts" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Irma Vep" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"The Iron Giant" (by Thom Bennett)
"The Island of Dr. Moreau" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"It's My Party" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Jack" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Jack and Sarah" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Jack Frost" (by Thom Bennett)
"Jackie Brown" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Jade" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"James and the Giant Peach" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Jane Eyre" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Jerry Maguire" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Jingle All the Way" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Judas Kiss" (by Jason Gorber)
"Judge Dredd" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Judy Berlin" (by David Sterritt)
"Julien Donkey-Boy" (by Thom Bennett)
"Jumanji" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Jungle2Jungle" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Jupiter's Wife" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Kansas City" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Kanzo sensei" (by David Sterritt)
"Kauas pilvet karkaavat (Drifting Clouds)" (by David Sterritt)
"Keep the Aspidistra Flying" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Kicking and Screaming" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Kids of Survival" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Kini and Adams" (by David Sterritt)
"Kiss or Kill" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Kiss the Girls" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Kissed" (by Liza Bear)
"Kolya" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Kundun" (by Karen Jaehne)
"L.A. Confidential" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"L.A. Confidential" (by David Sterritt)
"Lamerica" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Larmar och gör sig till (In the Presence of a Clown)" (by David Sterritt)
"The Last Big Thing" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Last Dance" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Last Man Standing" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Last Man Standing" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Last Summer in the Hamptons" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"The Last Supper" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Late Bloomers" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Leading Man" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Leaving Las Vegas" (by Henri Béhar)
"Leaving Las Vegas" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Liar Liar" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Life During Wartime" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Limbo" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Lista de espera (The Waiting List)" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Little Voice" (by Jason Gorber)
"Living Out Loud" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels" (by Andréa C. Basora)
"Lone Star" (by Benjamin Ibrahim)
"Lone Star" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Long Kiss Goodnight" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Looking for Richard" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Lost Highway" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Lost Highway" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Lost World: Jurassic Park" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Love Serenade" (by Liza Bear)
"Lulu on the Bridge" (by David Sterritt)
"Lust and Revenge" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Ma vie en rose (My Life in Pink)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Man on the Moon" (by Thom Bennett)
"Man on the Moon" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Marcello Mastroianni: mi ricordo, sì mi ricordo" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Marie Baie des Anges" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Marius et Jeannette" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Mars Attacks!" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Martín (Hache)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Marvin's Room" (by Henri Béhar)
"Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore" (by Liza Bear)
"Mary Reilly" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"McHale's Navy" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Men" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Men in Black" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Men With Guns" (by Jason Gorber)
"Men With Guns" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Message to Love: The Isle of Wight Festival" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Metro" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Mia eoniotita ke mia mera (Eternity and a Day)" (by David Sterritt)
"Michael" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Michael Collins" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Microcosmos" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Mighty Aphrodite" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"The Mighty" (by Jason Gorber)
"The Mighty" (by David Sterritt)
"The Mirror Has Two Faces" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Misadventures of Margaret" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Les Misérables" (by Henri Béhar)
"Mission Impossible" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)" (by Debra Lass)
"A Month by the Lake" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"A Month by the Lake" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Moonlight and Valentino" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Mr. Holland's Opus" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Murder at 1600" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Murder at 1600" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"My Best Friend's Wedding" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"My Name Is Joe" (by David Sterritt)
"The Neon Bible" (by Henri Béhar)
"The Net" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Nick of Time" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"A Night at the Roxbury" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Nil by Mouth" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Nine Months" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Nixon" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Nothing Personal" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Nothing to Lose" (by Karen Jaehne)
"O Brother, Where Art Thou?" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"On connaît la chanson (Same Old Song)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"One Fine Day" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"One True Thing" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Ordinary Decent Criminal" (by Jonathan Robert Muirhead)
"Orgazmo" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Oscar and Lucinda" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Othello" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Othello" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Other Sister" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Par-delà les nuages (Beyond the Clouds)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Party Monster" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Pecker" (by Thom Bennett)
"Pecker" (by Jason Gorber)
"The People vs. Larry Flynt" (by Liza Bear)
"The People vs. Larry Flynt" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Permanent Midnight" (by Thom Bennett)
"Permanent Midnight" (by Jason Gorber)
"Personne ne m'aime (Nobody Loves Me)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Persuasion" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Pest" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Pocahontas" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Pola X" (by David Sterritt)
"Portrait of a Lady" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Post-coïtum, animal triste" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Il Postino (The Postman)" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Preacher's Wife" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Pretenders" (by Thom Bennett)
"A Price Above Rubies" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Primal Fear" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Primary Colors" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Primary Colors" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Prince of Egypt" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Il Principe di Homburg" (by David Sterritt)
"Private Parts" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Priyatel pokoinika (A Friend of the Deceased)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Purple Noon" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Quiet Room" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Quiet Room" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Rage: Carrie 2" (by Thom Bennett)
"The Rainmaker" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Ransom" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Real Blonde" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Real Blonde" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Reckless" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Red Violin" (by Jason Gorber)
"Requiem for a Dream" (by Jonathan Robert Muirhead)
"Rhyme & Reason" (by Liza Bear)
"Rhythm Thief" (by Sheila Benson)
"Rich Man's Wife" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Richard III" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Riot" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Roberta" (by Andréa C. Basora)
"The Rock" (by Benjamin Ibrahim)
"Romeo + Juliet" (by Benjamin Ibrahim)
"Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Rosetta" (by David Sterritt)
"Rosewood" (by Henri Béhar)
"Rosewood" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Rounders" (by Thom Bennett)
"The Rugrats Movie" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Run of the Country" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Saint" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Salut cousin!" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Saving Private Ryan" (by Henri Béhar)
"Saving Private Ryan" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Schizopolis" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Schizopolis" (by David Sterritt)
"Scream" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Scream 3" (by Thom Bennett)
"Se7en" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"La Seconda volta" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Secret Agent" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Secrets & Lies" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Selena" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Sense and Sensibility" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"La Séparation" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Set It Off" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Sexy Beast" (by Jonathan Robert Muirhead)
"Sgt. Bilko" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Shakespeare in Love" (by Thom Bennett)
"Shakespeare in Love" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"Shallow Grave" (by Sheila Benson)
"She's All That" (by Thom Bennett)
"Shine" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Sibirskij tsiryulnik (The Barber of Siberia)" (by David Sterritt)
"Siebtelbauern, Die (The Inheritors)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"A Simple Plan" (by Jason Gorber)
"A Simple Plan" (by Karen Jaehne)
"A Simple Wish" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Sinnui Yauman (A Chinese Ghost Story)" (by Jason Gorber)
"Sixteen-Oh-Sixty" (by Henri Béhar)
"The Sixth Sense" (by Thom Bennett)
"Sleepers" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Sleepers" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Sliding Doors" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"Sling Blade" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Sling Blade" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Slums of Beverly Hills" (by Thom Bennett)
"Small Faces" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Smoke Signals" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"Snake Eyes" (by Henri Béhar)
"Space Jam" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Spanish Prisoner" (by Jason Gorber)
"The Spanish Prisoner" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Spanish Prisoner" (by Richard Schwartz)
"The Spanish Prisoner" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"Species" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Speed 2: Cruise Control" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Sphere" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Spitfire Grill" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Star Trek: First Contact" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Star Trek: Insurrection" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Star Wars" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" (by Jeremy M. Posner)
"Stardom" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"The Stars Fell on Henrietta" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Steal Big, Steal Little" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Stealing Beauty" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Story of Us" (by Debra Lass)
"Strange Days" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Strange Days" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"SubUrbia" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Sudden Death" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Sudden Death" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Sunchaser" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Sunchaser" (by David Sterritt)
"Surviving Picasso" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Sweet Hereafter" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"The Sweet Hereafter" (by David Sterritt)
"Sweet Nothing" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Swordfish" (by Jonathan Robert Muirhead)
"Ta'm e guilass (A Taste of Cherry)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"The Talented Mr. Ripley" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Tarzan" (by Jason Gorber)
"Tarzan" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Telling Lies in America" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Le Temps retrouvé" (by Henri Béhar)
"That Darn Cat" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"That Old Feeling" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"That Thing You Do" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The 13th Warrior" (by Thom Bennett)
"There's Something About Mary" (by Thom Bennett)
"The Thin Red Line" (by Thom Bennett)
"Three Kings" (by Thom Bennett)
"Three Seasons" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Three Wishes" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"The Tic Code" (by Andréa C. Basora)
"The Tie That Binds" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Tierra y libertad (Land and Freedom)" (by Henri Béhar)
"A Time to Kill" (by Benjamin Ibrahim)
"A Time to Kill" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Tin Cup" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"To Die For" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)" (by David Sterritt)
"Total Eclipse" (by Henri Béhar)
"Toy Story" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Toy Story" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Toy Story 2" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Trainspotting" (by Benjamin Ibrahim)
"Trees Lounge" (by Benjamin Ibrahim)
"The Trigger Effect" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Trois vies et une seule mort" (by David Sterritt)
"Trop Tard" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Truman Show" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The Truth about Cats & Dogs" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Truth or Consequences, N.M." (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Tu ridi (You Laugh)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Turbulence" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Twelfth Night: Or What You Will" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Twelve Monkeys" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Two Girls and a Guy" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"Two if by Sea" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Two Much" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Un air de famille (A Family Resemblance)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Un héros très discret (A Self Made Hero)" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Unagi (The Eel)" (by David Sterritt)
"Under Siege 2: Dark Territory" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Under Siege 2: Dark Territory" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Unstrung Heroes" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Up Close and Personal" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Up Close and Personal" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Van" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"The Van" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Varsity Blues" (by Thom Bennett)
"Vatel" (by David Sterritt)
"Versprechen, Das (The Promise)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Viagem ao princípio do mundo (Voyage to the Beginning of the World)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Viagem ao princípio do mundo (Voyage to the Beginning of the World)" (by David Sterritt)
"La Vie rêvée des anges (The Dreamlife of Angels)" (by David Sterritt)
"Les Visiteurs (The Visitors)" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"La Vita è bella (Life is Beautiful)" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"La Vita è bella (Life is Beautiful)" (by Jason Gorber)
"La Vita è bella (Life is Beautiful)" (by David Sterritt)
"Les Voleurs" (by Lisa Nesselson)
"Wag the Dog" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Waiting for Guffman" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Waiting to Exhale" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Walking and Talking" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Walt Disney's Unseen Treasures" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"War Stories" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"The War Zone" (by Andréa C. Basora)
"Warriors of Virtue" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"The Well" (by Cari Beauchamp)
"Western" (by Richard Schwartz)
"What Lies Beneath" (by Andréa C. Basora)
"Whatever" (by Richard Schwartz)
"When Night is Falling" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Whipped" (by Thom Bennett)
"Wigstock: The Movie" (by Eleanor Ringel)
"Wild America" (by Leslie Rigoulot)
"Wild Horses" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Wilde" (by Robin J. Schwartz)
"Wing Commander" (by Thom Bennett)
"The Winter Guest" (by Karen Jaehne)
"Without Limits" (by Jason Gorber)
"Wonderland" (by Richard Schwartz)
"Woo" (by Karen Jaehne)
"The X Files" (by Melissa J. Perenson)
"X-Men" (by Andréa C. Basora)
"Xich lo" (by Henri Béhar)
"Yao a yao yao dao waipo qiao (Shanghai Triad)" (by Kathleen Carroll)
"Year of the Horse" (by Karen Jaehne)

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