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"Different for Girls"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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January 25, 1996

Kim needs to cut loose and Prentice needs to grow up. And this is their thoroughly British love story. Prentice and Kim went to school together and meet again after a twenty year interval. It wouldn't be too remarkable except that they went to an all boy school and in the intervening years, Prentice's school chum, Karl has become Kim.

Rupert Graves who takes on the role of the punky Prentice may be familiar to American audiences through his work in "A Room with a View" or "The Madness of King George". But it will be difficult to recognize Steven Mackintosh who portrays the prim and proper Kim even though he has been in "Memphis Belle" and "Princess Caraboo". I had to ask director Richard Spence about Mackintosh's orientation only because there is a nude scene and he definitely looks like a woman. "Married man, very straight. It was some bold acting on his part." Spence told me. But there were also prosthetics and a post production digital process to help create the illusion.

What is not an illusion is that the film engages the audience on a gut level so that we care about Kim and Prentice. What makes a man a man, or a woman a woman? The story of Kim is juxtapositioned with a subplot concerning her brother-in-law's inability to father a child. Is he less of a man?

"Different for Girls" is looking at three offers for distribution but is cautious since the marketing and placement of such an unusual story would have to be handled delicately. But no matter who gets it or how it is marketed, keep your eyes open for it and don't miss this one.

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