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"Judas Kiss"

by Jason Gorber

Poor Judas.  Always known simply as the betrayer of Christ.  Linked with bad guys everywhere.  And, sometimes, linked to not very good movies as well.

His kiss was the kiss of betrayal, and that sums up nicely the theme of this film.  A complicated script finds kidnappers turning into murderers, and middle aged cops cynically speaking of fellatio.  Allan Rickman and Emma Thompson go way beyond type here, struggling with Nouveau Orleans accents as they lasciviously banter about how much it sucks (literally and physically) to be a cop.  The gen-Xers who kidnap what amounts to a not-so disguised Bill Gates-type guy are on the run from the cop dudes.  Trouble ensues when people start betraying each other (see title of film). 

The story has enough twists and turns to keep it interesting, but after about 2/3s of the film, you begin to lose interest.  False climax after false climax doesnít help instill confidence either.  The criminals are just a little too hip, borrowing liberally from the gadgetry of films like SNEAKERS or even RANSOM.  A little too slick and polished to be very interesting, JUDAS KISS is more a peck on the cheek from an old relative then a passionate, face sucking embrace from a quivering lover.

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