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"Girls Town"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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January 28, 1996

When I was in high school, long, long ago, I went to a slumber party with a group of classmates and over the course of the evening we found out that although we knew each other, we didn't knew much about each other. It changed the course of our friendships. Well, "Girls Town" is a rougher, more dramatic version of that evening. A trio of teen aged girls cope with the suicide of a friend. But this is an empowering feminist tale made authentic by the actresses participation in the scripting. Jim McKay captures the essentials of their lives: cutting class, arguing about boys and letting off steam. This is a working class group, trying not just to survive but to fight the system. Lili Taylor as Patti Lucci is the central character who struggles with being a single Mom. Anna Grace and Bruklin Harris are her friends. What amazed me about this was that I never thought of them as actresses. Perhaps that is why "Girls Town" was awarded the Filmaker Trophy, which is voted on by the filmakers themselves.

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