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"Doug's 1st Movie"

by Thom Bennett

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Following the path of such distinguished Nickelodeon alumni as "The Rugrats", "Doug" tests his feature film prowess in the aptly titled "Doug's First Movie."

Twelve year old Doug Funnie has become quite popular amongst the kids these days. His childhood adventures and knack for daydreaming have managed to find their place in the viewing habits of the younger demographic.

With "Doug's First Movie" we find the adolescent Doug Funnie doing what it is that most twelve year olds do. He goes out of his way to impress the love of his life, one Patti Mayonnaise, cavorts about his hometown of Bluffington with his best friend Skeeter, does his best to evade and outsmart the gang of schoolyard bullies and lets his imagination run wild

The most fascinating thing about "Doug" as both a show and movie is the simple question - what exactly is it that kids like about it? The movie is at best is overly sweet and somewhat boring. On top of that is the fact that scattered throughout are these very bizarre, almost surreal moments that almost boggle the mind. Albeit unique and somewhat interesting to look at, I just don't get the popularity of it. Your guess is as good as mine.

Strictly for those who are fans of the television show, "Doug's 1st Movie" is seemingly fun for the "Doug" faithful and fairly tedious the parents who bring them.

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