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"Sudden Death"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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Okay, I admit that I wasn't a big Jean Claude fan until he winked at me at the press conference. He isn't exactly going to endanger Al Pacino's career, but he sure knows how to wink. And he has no illusions about his status in Hollywood. He came to America to be a "movie star" and in that he has succeeded without taking himself too seriously.
Leslie: Ever use a body double?
Jean Claude: Only for the love scenes. (Laughs)
Leslie: Which fans give you more trouble, male or female?
Jean Claude: Both. I have great fans though.
Leslie: Anyone want to take on the tough guy?
It seems so big in real life, and I don't have a lot of body guards around me. And I talk to people, I'm charming and they become my friends.
Leslie: This works with women too?
Jean Claude: Sure!
Leslie: Did you think it would be humorous to be fighting a Penguin mascot in SUDDEN DEATH?
Jean Claude: It was funny! But as long as the audience likes it that is what matters.

Jean Claude knows his audience and delivers the testosterone filled action flicks they love. With a wink.

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