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by Leslie Rigoulot

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You gotta give Ray Liotta credit for honesty. All the gathered critics had one question to
ask about his forthcoming movie but no one wanted to venture: "Did you read the script
before you agreed to make 'Turbulence'"? Liotta agreed with us that this wasn't his best
film. "They promised to sink a lot of money into it so I said, 'yes.' But the one thing I
learned is that I'll never do another airplane picture. Too rough." It seems that finding
follow-ups to his Shoeless Joe Jackson in "Field of Dreams", his Mafioso in "Goodfellas",
and his psychotic cop in "Unlawful Entry" has not been easy. But "Copland" with Harvey
Keitel and Sylvester Stallone was a satisfying acting experience for him. "I hope it shows
on the screen," he commented.

What didn't show on the screen during "Turbulence" was the initial ambiguity that was
supposed to be at the center of the story. Ray Liotta's character, Ryan Weaver, may or
may not have been framed for serial murders by a cop, Hector Elizondo, and is being
flown back to LA when turbulence and other emergencies hit the plane. Lauren Holly is
flight attendant Teri Halloran who isn't sure if she should trust Liotta or not when trouble
strikes. At this point I have to tell you that my husband is a pilot for American Airlines
and so I laughed through most of the movie. I guess some folks might think there is
some suspense in this mess of a film but it was one giggle after another for me. Rated R.

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