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by Eleanor Ringel

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There's nothing very special about this horror/sci -fi flick about a top-secret government experiment gone awry. After scientist Ben Kingsley injects some alien DNA into a human egg, the darn thing escapes and heads for L.A. (where, presumably, an alien life-form would fit right in). Kingsley gathers a team of experts - Forest Whitaker, Marg Helgenberg, Alfred Molina and Michael Madsen - to track her down. See, the thing has evolved into a stunning blonde (model Natasha Henstridge; she can act, too) with an urgent urge to mate. While she haunts the singles scene, looking for Mr. Good Gene, they look for her - usually arriving about two minutes after she's killed another poor day player. The movie works pretty well for its first half, then turns so derivative that discerning audience members may find themselves passing the time playing Name That Rip-Off. I counted "Alien," "Aliens," "The Hidden," "Splash" and a touch of "Ben."

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