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"The Faculty"

by Thom Bennett

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Remember that teacher you weren't so sure about back in high school? You know the one that may just be from another planet? "The Faculty" not only entertains that notion, but takes it a few steps further. What if aliens targeted a middle of nowhere high school and its faculty in their clever attempt at a world takeover?

Writer Kevin Williamson is no stranger to the teen demographic. With recent successes such as the "Scream" films, "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and televisions "Dawson's Creek", Williamson certainly seems to know exactly what it is that his audience wants to see. And once again, he manages to deliver with flying colors.

Williamson has almost single handedly breathed life back into both the genres of teen movies and horror films. He brings with him a knowledge and love of cinema as well as a respect for the intelligence of his audience that many of these films tend to lack.

"The Faculty" is something of a mind meld between "The Breakfast Club" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." A group of kids who would normally not be caught dead in each other's company must join their forces (and their collective knowledge of movies) and do battle with the alien menace that has taken over their school.

Add to the mix the directorial style indie wonder boy Robert Rodriguez ("El Mariachi", "From Dusk Till Dawn") and what you have is a fun, fast paced sci fi / horror flick with enough of Kevin Williamson's now trademark one liners and movie references to keep everyone in the house entertained. "The Faculty" also serves as vindication to all of us out there who just knew that some of their teachers couldn't possibly be from this planet.

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