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There are two bright spots in this distasteful brew: Parker Posey as a publicist and Steve Zahn updating his character from "That Thing You Do." Otherwise this Richard Linklater latest addition to his twentysomething musings can not come close to his "Slacker," "Dazed and Confuse" or even "Before Sunrise." The reason has to be that Eric Bogosian wrote this wandering tale. At first it looks like a bunch of losers are going to wait for Godot, but he shows up as a former friend, now a rock star. Then everyone gets jealous and nothing much continues to happen. Yes, going from the teens to adulthood is difficult and the suburbs that are supposed to be a good environment for kids are not as vibrant as the city. Yes, there is a difference between thinking and doing. But there is also a difference between a thinking movie and a pseudo intellectual movie. Don't believe for an instant that watching supposed twenty year olds standing around on a corner getting drunk makes for good film.

The only truly interesting moment comes from Sooze a performing artist who screams "F--- Oliver Stone" as a part of her act. And that is only interesting to those who know that writer Eric Bogosian worked with Oliver Stone on "Talk Radio." You could wonder what happened to give Bogosian that sort of rage, or you could just wonder why anyone would sit through this. Rated R from Castle Rock.

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