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"Last Man Standing"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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September 22, 1996

This tribute to Akira Kurosawa'a "Yojimbo" really makes you want to see the original. It has to be better than this wandering tale of gangster factions in West Texas. Bruce Willis is the man with no name (actually he has a name, but you get the idea) who plays both sides against each other for the big money and the alluring Karina Lombard. As a study in cinematography, it isn't too bad. The camera angles are interesting as is the lighting, but that lets you know that the story let my mind dawdle over details. The bootlegging is almost incidental. Actually, most of the storyline is incidental to the gunfights. Bruce Dern and Christopher Walken are better than usual, but Willis' voice-over made me wish for the days before 'talkies'. Oh, and it never rains in West Texas like that. Rated R.

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