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"The Long Kiss Goodnight"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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October 4, 1996

The comparisons between Geena Davis' new flick "Long Kiss Goodnight" and "Die Hard 3" are inevitable. There is Davis as the reluctant action hero, Samuel L. Jackson as the wise-cracking sidekick and plenty of imaginative gun play. But if "Die Hard" is testosterone-laden, then is "Long Kiss Goodnight" estrogen-laden?

Geena is a six-foot-tall-bundle-of-sex-appeal small-town school teacher who suffers from amnesia. Her new family gets it when an enemy from her missing past shows up for vengeance. This sets in motion Davis' search for her true identity, with the help of sleazy private detective Samuel L. Jackson. No schoolteacher was she, you can be sure. The plot such as it is is an excuse for the string of shoot-outs choreographed by Steve Davison, who cut his teeth on "From Dusk 'Til Dawn" and "Desperado". It is only Samuel L. Jackson's amazing ability to put more character on the screen than he is given that saves this from being Renny Harlin's sequel to "Cutthroat Island". (Harlin is Geena's husband and director of the similarly snowy action fests "Cliffhanger" and "Die Hard II"). If you like action movies, this one satisfies. If you are very fond of Geena Davis, who has earned a following from performances ranging from "A League of Their Own" to "Thelma and Louise", this one satisfies. If you are expecting something above Shane Black's "Lethal Weapon" level of writing, look around for "Emma" or try the new Tom Hanks' movie "That Thing You Do". Rated R

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