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"The Big Green"

by Eleanor Ringel

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Bad title. Cute kids' movie. The Mighty Ducks or the Bad News Bears, depending on your generation - play soccer. Olivia d'Abo stars as a pert temp teacher from Britain who comes to a tuckered-out Texas town and turns her students around by introducing them to soccer. Soon (I don't think I'm ruining anything here), they're in the state championships and the entire town has shaken off its post-Reagonomics blues and rallied around their team even if it does have, as the fascist state champs sneer, "little kids and girls." Writer/director Holly Goldberg Sloan follows the formula, but funny thing about formulas: sometimes they work. That's certainly the case here and its also refreshing that she shows us some Heartlanders who aren't all hicks or bigots.

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