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"First Kid"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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If you like Sinbad, you'll like "First Kid". If you don't, you won't. Actually, Sinbad as
Sam Simms, a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the President's bratty thirteen year
old son, is relatively reserved. Part of the credit must go to director David Mickey Evans
who previously directed the underrated "Sandlot". But don't despair, Sinbad gets to mock
authority and give the kid boxing lessons. How come no movie kid has ever been
straightened out by discovering the classics of literature, mastering French or learning
geometry? No, it has to be football, hockey or worst of all, "defending yourself". But if
this is the most objectionable aspect of "First Kid" it isn't too much. With so little family
fare in movie theaters, Sinbad and company should do well.

For the preteens given to crushes, Zachery Ty Bryan from TV's 'Home Improvement' is
the bully that Brock Pierce as Luke Davenport must face. You may think Pierce has
contract with Disney since he started in "The Mighty Ducks" and "D2" but he has also co-
starred in "Three Wishes" and "Grumpy Old Men". And there are some heavy hitters
among the adults including Timothy Busfield, James Naughton and Robert Guillaume.
Light on plot, heavy on laughs, "First Kid" is rated PG.

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