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"Carried Away"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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January 21, 1996

If Andrew Wyeth worked in film instead of oil, he would have created "Carried Away". It has that mid-western, stark look to it. And that is the landscape of Joseph and Rosealee's lives. Dennis Hopper, as Joseph, teaches, farms, takes care of his mother and carries on a boring relationship with Amy Irving as Rosealee. Chaos arrives in the form of Catherine, a seventeen year old Lolita portrayed by Amy Locane. She breaks Joseph out of his emotional prison, and turns the whole town upside down with their affair.

Nothing about "Carried Away" is half way. The supporting cast includes such luminaries as Hal Holbrook, Gary Busey and Julie Harris. The nudity is not just full frontal, but all the way around and back. In an attempt to give his wife, Amy Irving, a harder, older look, director Bruno Barreto shoots her with no make up and in harsh light.

I had been fearful of this adaptation of Jim Harrison's novel, "Farmer" after the recent adaptation of his "Legends of the Fall", but Barreto keeps this a character driven piece, not a star vehicle. And while the performances are superb, it is Joseph and Rosealee's visual images that remain.

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