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by Eleanor Ringel

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Though it's based on an early Michael Crichton best-seller, don't think "Jurassic Park" or "Rising Sun." Think George Pal kiddie adventure - like "Journey to the Center of the Earth (with Pat Boone and a goose) or "The Time Machine" (Yvette Mimieux and Morlocks). Safari guide Ernie Hudson takes a mixed bag of explorers into deepest darkest Africa where they encounter everything you used to see in a Tarzan movie except Johnny Weismuller. Laura Linney (of "Tales of the City") is on a secret mission sponsored by a shady corporation (is there any other kind in movies?). Tim Curry is a scummy Mittel European looking for a lost city. Dylan Walsh (looking eerily like Mickey Dolenz in his Monkee days) is an earnest primatologist returning his super-smart ape, Amy, to her home. As a kind of "King Kong" meets "King Solomon's Mines," "Congo" is an unabashed B-movie, best enjoyed by adventure-minded 10-to-15 year-olds. And Amy is such an appealing state-of-the-art ape, older viewers may find themselves humming "Once in love with Amy."

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