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"Wigstock: The Movie"

by Eleanor Ringel

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The wigs are mile-high and so are the attitudes in this cheerful documentary about men in skirts. And sequins. And pushup bras. And just about anything else that catches their fancy. Filmmaker Randy Shils gives us front-row seats at downtown Manhattan's annual Labor Day drag extravaganza. Among the standout performers: Atlanta's eternally glamorous RuPaul; The Dueling Bankheads; a love-and-marriage drag ballet; and the wickedly satirical Lypsinka doing "I'm Alive" from "Applause." Compared to the infinitely intriguing "Paris is Burning," there's nothing profound here. Like its "girls," "Wigstock" just wants to have fun. But the outed outrageous creates a surreal festival atmosphere ~ like a Carnival Cruise in which EVERYONE gets to be Kathy Lee. The endless parade of baubles, bangles and boys does get repetitious, but at a mere 80 minutes, the movie has you out the door before you're out of patience.

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