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"Jack Frost"

by Thom Bennett

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Have you ever pondered what it must be like to be trapped inside one of those cheap, novelty show globes? No - well, neither have I. However, after sitting through the tedious "Jack Frost" you will know the feeling all too well.

This disjointed film tells the tale of an up and coming blues musician aptly named Jack Frost (Michael Keaton). Jack's dedication to his music is beginning to get in the way of his relationship with his wife (Kelly Preston) and his son Charlie (Joseph Cross). On the verge of his greatest success, Frost is killed in a Christmas day car accident.

For some reason, after a year has passed, young Charlie is compelled to blow into the "magic" harmonica which his father gave him and low and behold Jack Frost comes back from the dead... Oh, did I mention that Dad is now a snowman!

The entire second half of this film is almost as unbearable. Jack helps Charlie battle the neighborhood bully while Charlie tries to help keep Dad's new identity a secret from the world - for some reason by pulling him around the town in a sled and talking to him in public every chance he gets. This I could not understand, but that's just the beginning of the mayhem.

This film could easily be renamed "The Abominable Snowman", but abominable can only begin to describe this fiasco.

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