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"That Old Feeling"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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Just because "That Old Feeling" is predictable doesn't mean you shouldn't see it and even enjoy it! Bette Midler is always worth watching, darling. As movie star-mom Midler is reunited with her ex (Dennis Farina) at their daughter's wedding, the sparks that fly reignite old flames and that's when the fun starts. As the new son-in-law (Jamie Denton) frantically tries to keep the news out of the tabloids so as not to endanger his political career, a sneaky paparazzo (Danny Nucci) is pushed into helping Molly (Paula Marshall) find her parents. What amazes is that in a story that puts the adult back in adultery, everyone gets what they deserve. And even more amazing is that Dennis Farina, who has played mobsters and hitmen forever, has great comic timing. Not so amazing is that Midler gets to croon a tune, and is gracious enough to let Paula Marshall and Gail O'Grady shine when we all know that the 'Divine Miss M' could have taken over every scene. Directed by Carl Reiner, the master comedian and TV pioneer, "That Old Feeling" never really surprised me, but it certainly entertained.

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