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by Leslie Rigoulot

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For a kid's movie based on a kids' book by Chris Van Allsburg, "Jumanji" can be a fright-filled flick. But for kids over five, "Jumanji" is a special treat filled with one part kids, one part special effects, and one part Robin Williams. An ancient board game is uncovered by a boy who is sucked into the game, literally. Twenty-six years later, the game is found by someone else and giant mosquitos, mean monkeys and a lion are unleashed along with Robin Williams as the boy who has grown up inside the game. My computer video pal, Suci Powell, wasn't too impressed with the special effects monkeys, but kids will delight at their nasty antics. Kirsten Dunst seems under-used but then so does Bonnie Hunt. All in all it is a darn fun game. Rated PG.

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