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by Henri Béhar

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It's one hour and one minute long, and it's a petite gem. Revolving entirely around the personality of its main actor, the amazing Jean-Chretien Sibertin-Blanc, "Augustin" tells of a stuttering, bumbling office clerk who occasionally doubles as an actor. He's only landed bit parts in commercials only industrial films (his meatiest stint was portraying a fish smuggler in a B-type TV series), but he knows and feels his acting career is about to take off. Or it would, weren't Augustin such a clueless wreck.

Welcome to Klutzland--as seen through the eyes of a Klutz. Whether he answers a casting call (a hilarious turn by French star Thierry Lhermitte) or checks on comatose patients for his part-time insurance company job all the while meticulously researching the big role (a room-service waiter in a classy hotel), Augustin slowly imposes a vision of the world (and of success) that obeys intriguingly "different" but oddly coherent rules.

With Sibertin-Blanc finding the right mix of witlessness and charm, not to mention timing, Anne Fontaine keeps her movie brisk, bright, clever--and droll.

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