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"Bajo la piel (Under the Skin)"

by Karen Jaehne

If you know early Hitchcock and the French filmmaker, Claude Chabrol, you'd love this creepy thriller from Peru.

Director Francisco Lombardi sets his story in a dusty town near an archaeological dig. Four young men have been decapitated in ritualistic fashion, and the local sheriff arrests the professor who's too academic for murder. But it makes everybody happy so they can get drunk on their annual feast day.

Enter the new coroner, a young woman who, as she says, "prefers dead bodies over live ones," although she's capable of powerful sex with any live ones who present themselves to her. And the guys are beating a path to her door - including the sheriff. You can imagine that this starts coiling like a rattlesnake, as another murder occurs, the sheriff lets love make a man and then a bad-man out of him, and ---- wow! It stays there: wrapped in a tight little turning of snakeskin. You gotta chuckle at the end.

Brian De Palma, eat your heart out! Or buy the remake rights, and make a good movie for a change.

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