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"When Night is Falling"

by Eleanor Ringel

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Ho-hum, another lesbian love story. Now there's a sentence you wouldn't have expected to write fifteen years ago. But the truth is, some of the most vital cinema of the last five years has centered on gay and lesbian issues. I wouldn't call Patricia ("I've Heard The Mermaids singing") Rozema's film an "issue" movie; it's more like the lilting romance of "The incredibly strange Adventure of Two Girls in Love." Pascale Bussieres plays a professor at a Christian college whose faith, career and long-standing affair with a colleague (Henry Czerny) are challenged when she finds herself being seduced by a performer (Rachel Crawford) in an avant-garde circus. Essentially, this is a romance about a woman wooed and won under near-impossible circumstance. Fans of "Mermaids" may be disappointed that Rozema seems to have lost her distinctive point of view; this film, by comparison, is flat and predictable. Still, it knows its target audience and serves them well.

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