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"Ma vie en rose (My Life in Pink)"

by Kathleen Carroll

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Belgian director Alain Berliner examines a little boy's sexual identity crisis in this buoyant, utterly endearing comedy. The boy, a sweet-faced 7-year-old with a girlish Prince Valiant haircut, loves to play dress-up. He stuns everyone in his family's new neighborhood by showing up for a party in a pretty dress and high heels. You see, Ludovic actually believes he's a girl, or perhaps "a girl-boy." Told about the chromosome theory, he's convinced that "God will fix it" and make him a girl in time for him to marry the boy next door. His parents struggle to suppress his transexual yearnings, for they soon find themselves shunned by their bourgeois neighbors.

Berliner displays his originality with wonderful flights of fantasy depicting Ludovic's technicolor dreams of his favorite Barbie-like doll. But the film also works as social commentary with the filmmaker gently demonstrating the importance of tolerance. Finally, George du Fresne is guaranteed to win your heart as the gender-bending Ludovic.

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