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"Post-co´tum, animal triste"

by Kathleen Carroll

Director Brigitte Rouan examines a severe case of amour fou in this perky romantic comedy. Rouan also stars as a married 40-year-old editor who's on a fast career track until she's derailed by a 20-something stud muffin.

One kiss and the poor dear is literally swept off her feet. "I love my husband - we're really good friends," she blurts out before throwing herself at her youthful lover. Her husband, a lawyer, is working on a case involving marital infidelity so he's quick to catch on. Rouan succeeds in conveying the sexual heat that propels her heroine into this adulterous affair. The status of the romance can be measured by her various haircuts. When she shows up in a punk do you know she's been abandoned. The film becomes somewhat tedious as it dwells on the messy aftermath. Even so it's an endearingly honest portrayal of a woman caught off balance by a sudden addiction to love.

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