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"Big Night"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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Bite into "Big Night", a culinary delight, which never did get the attention it deserved in theaters but will hopefully find its audience in video. Like the sumptuous meal that Jersey shore restaurateurs throw for Louis Prima in the hopes of attracting attention to their failing establishment, "Big Night" is a work of art. Lovingly crafted by Stanley Tucci, it is a tribute to food, to all things American, to immigrants trying to make it, and to the love between brothers. Tucci wrote it with Joseph Tropiano, directed it with Campbell Scott, and stars in it with Tony Shalhoub, Minnie Driver, Isabella Rosellini, and one of my favorites, Ian Holm. I knew it would be a winner at Sundance and it did, in fact, receive the Screenwriting Award. But just as the folks in the fifties expected Italian food to be spaghetti and sauce, we have come to expect the usual thing at the movies. So when Tucci comes up with risotto and timpano, we don't know how to react. So don't make popcorn to have with this one. Not even a pizza will do. "Big Night" will make your mouth water for something more, and maybe leave you unsatisfied with the usual movie fare as well. Rated R for language.

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