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"Fast, Cheap & Out of Control"

by Kathleen Carroll

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Errol Morris thinks of his latest film as "an elegy" to his late mother and stepfather. There is a melancholy tone to this remarkably original work. In it Morris heralds the accomplishments of four American dreamers who, at first, appear to have nothing in common but their obsession with their work.

There's the Clyde Beatty-inspired wild animal tamer who admits that his big cats "can nail you before you say oops." A topiary gardener speaks fondly of his vanishing art which consists of sculpting hedges into "green animals." A specialist in mole-rats gleefully describes the living habits of his favorite naked mammals. The final dreamer is Rodney Brooks, the robot scientist whose experiments with "artificial creatures" have led him to the alarming realization that there "may not be a place for humans in the future."

One begins to see that these oddball Americans are connected in their human desire to make a mark in this world. Morris, in turn, makes his mark with this inventive, unexpectedly poignant one-of-a-kind film.

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