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by Eleanor Ringel

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The creative serial killer in this so-called thriller models his gruesome murders after each of the Seven Deadly Sins. But once homicide detectives Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt catch on to his modus operandi, there's little left in the movie to think about except, gee, wonder how the murderous maniac will do Sloth or Envy? Director David Fincher specializes in drizzle and dark corridors (remember his "Alien 3?"), a technique that does little to redeem this one-gimmick movie. Freeman is wonderful, as always, but he has absolutely nothing to work with. Pitt struts around, sporting a goatee and an attitude, but he's a better sex object than hair-trigger cop. Eventually, as the movie limps from one yucky sin-murder to the next, you find yourself thinking, does boredom count as the Eighth Deadly Sin and, if so, does Fincher's movie count as a deadly weapon?

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