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"The Beautician and the Beast"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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Timothy Dalton is a strikingly handsome man, and - though not suited to the 007 role that he assumed briefly - he is a darn good actor. He has to be to pull off the role of an Eastern European dictator who hires Fran Drescher to teach his children. Sort of the "King and I" meets "The Sound of Music" with a Brooklyn accent. Drescher is actually a beauty school teacher whose expertise is in subjects such as the science of peroxide, the history of cosmetics, and the art of coordinating shoes and purses. The repressive governing of the children is challenged by Drescher, who eventually challenges the entire government of the country. The best scene has to be the "Evita" knock-off with Drescher addressing the crowd from the balcony. Silly? Sure. Not too entirely different from her hit TV show, "The Nanny"? You bet. But it is warm, winning, and filled with laughs. Rated PG, so you can take the whole family on a Valentine's date. Paramount.

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