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"Slums of Beverly Hills"

by Thom Bennett

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September 10, 1998

The first feature from writer / director Tamara Jenkins is a tale of family, love, puberty and the bettering of one's school district.

Natasha Lyonne stars as Vivian Abramowitz, a young woman trying to cope with the fact that she now, seemingly overnight, has developed breasts. None of this is made any easier by the fact that she, along with her father and two brothers, move every week or so in order to live on the fringes of Beverly Hills and take advantage of the good school district&ldots; all this while keeping an eye on her drug addicted cousin.

With fine performances throughout, this film is often hilarious and oddly touching. A particular standout is indie mainstay Kevin Corrigan as Eliot, the pot-dealing neighbor with a place in his heart for Vivian and more than a passing interest in Charles Manson.

"Slums of Beverly Hills" serves to show how a good bra, a thick steak and ultimately the love of a family are all you really need to be living the good life.

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