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"From Dusk Till Dawn"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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January 19, 1995

If you liked "Pulp Fiction," you'll like "From Dusk Until Dawn." It is just that simple. Well, not really. "Dusk..." lacks the interwoven puzzle piece stories that set "Pulp Fiction" apart from most linear storytelling. But "Dusk..." does have loads of dead bodies, foul language and twisted humor. After all, this is Richard Rodriguez, the director who gave us the almost lyrical violence of "Desperado".

And Rodriguez does know his male superstars. George Clooney, the gorgeous, is paired with Rodriguez's buddy, quirky Quentin Tarantino, as two bad, bad bank robbers who end up spending the night in a bar full of vampires. There is even some small token of depth in the story line when Harvey Keitel, as a fallen preacher, must decide if he is still a servant of the Lord. That is about as deep as it gets.

But for those with a twisted sense of humor, it is entertaining. Rated R and it deserves every bit of it.

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