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"Inspector Gadget"

by Thom Bennett

Inspector Gadget, makes his feature film debut in Walt Disney's film of the same name. Matthew Broderick, with the aid and hindrance of a sheer metric ton of computer generated effects, stars as the trench coat-clad crime fighter who must use all his gizmos, and seemingly very little thought, to save the city and the woman he loves from the evil Claw (Rupert Everett).

From the opening credits to the moment when the audience gets up to leave, "Inspector Gadget" never manages to take a breath. There is never a quiet moment (and trust me, they are badly needed). Add an all too obnoxious talking car to the mix and you begin to get the picture. A tiny bit of restraint could have gone a long way.

As you watch Matthew Broderick and Rupert flail amongst the effects, you can only wonder what these very talented actors are even doing in this debacle? The resulting film is something of a cartoon of a movie instead of a movie of a cartoon. At times, you wonder why they didn't just make the animated film.

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