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"Girl 6"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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March 14, 1996

Spike Lee has been erratic at best, misogynist occasionally but "Girl 6" hits a new low. Theresa Randle is supposed to be in search of her identity but how she intends to find it through the world of phone sex is beyond me. Characters enter this R rated mess and leave with no explanation. A romance between Randle and Peter Berg as a man who just needs someone to talk to seems to offer a ray of hope to some sort of plot, but that remains as unsatisfying as, well, phone sex. And if anyone can explain the falling phones, which scenes are fantasy and which are real (especially towards the end) and what the deal is with the director's interviews. I mean, I discussed this with other film critics, thinking that maybe I was really missing something symbolic. No one could come up with a better explanation than Spike and Oliver Stone must be sharing the same bong.

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