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"Dark City"

by Robin J. Schwartz

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February 24, 1998

Imagine a city of perpetual darkness, where every midnight time stops, the buildings morph en masse and the citizens swap lives (all seamlessly orchestrated by Nosferatu-like "Strangers" ). Only one soul seems to be immune to this gruesome experiment, and he's being chased by the cops for a series of brutal murders he doesn't remember committing. The Strangers are tailing him too, not only because of his apparent immunity but because he's suddenly developed matter-manipulating skills of his own. Not surprisingly, Alex Proyas, the man who directed "The Crow", is behind this sinister tale. And though, like "The Crow", "Dark City" has great style (and a broody British hunk, Rufus Sewell -- who's actually very funny in person -- as its star), the film quite never lives up to its dark promise.

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