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"Two if by Sea"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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It had to happen eventually. Sandra Bullock made a lousy movie. Co-star Denis Leary is also the co-writer and that may be where the real problem lies. Leary is a thief of very little brain and Bullock is his bookstore clerk girlfriend. They are trying to hide a stolen painting on an upper crust New England island until the buyer can meet them. Now the scenery is great. Nova Scotia never looked more inviting. But it doesn't say much for the movie if everyone comments on the the locations instead of what is supposed to be witty repartee between Denis and Sandra. They worked together in "Demolition Man" and were already friends before shooting began. That should have acted in their favor. But Leary is best when he is full of acid and vinegar, not trying to make a relationship work. I still think "The Ref" is close to brilliant. But "Two If By Sea" is just close to a New England travelogue. Rated R for language and adult situations.

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