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"The Tie That Binds"

by Eleanor Ringel

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The movie that chokes on its own cliches. Keith Carradine and Daryl Hannah play The Biological Couple From Hell in this idiotic non-thriller. A loving couple (Vincent Spano and Moira Kelly) adopt a six-year-old (Julia Devin) and find that along with the usual problems of adjustment, their real problem is the little girl's real parents - a pair of murderous, happy-go-lucky psychos who want their baby back. Like so many "Whatzit From Hell" movies, this one begins well, but soon disintegrates into idiocy (a half-finished house in the middle of nowhere is introduced in the first ten minutes and, sure enough, everyone ends up there for the mortal-combat finale.) First-time director Wesley Strick wrote the remake of "Cape Fear" and in an odd way, he's remade his remake, with Carradine and Hannah sharing the De Niro role of the obsessed white-trash nut-case. There are, however, two things worth noting about the movie. First, little Devin's fine portrayal of a child who's seen too many nasty things in her short life. And, two, the silliest plot use of a bunny since "Fatal Attraction."

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