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"Happy Gilmore"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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I was prepared to greet "Happy Gilmore", the new Adam Sandler flick, with the disdain it so obviously deserves. I mean, how good can a movie be that has a hockey player hitting the Pro Gold Tour, and Bob Barker. Well, that was before I found myself laughing involuntarily. The premise is that an unsuccessful hockey player becomes a successful golf pro in order to save Grandma's house from the IRS. Sandler finds a friend in Carl Weathers as a one handed pro and a foe in rival pro Christopher McDonald. It is the blue-collar mentality versus the country-club lifestyle, which has been covered before, but Sandler and Herlihy as screenwriters bring in the element of the kind of fans that a working class golfer would attract. The TV ratings go up and the sponsors love Happy. It is just so true. Look at WWF wrestling if you don't believe me. In all, "Happy Gilmore" is fluff, but enjoyable fluff. Rated PG-13

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