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"American Job"

by Leslie Rigoulot

January 21, 1996

If you want to portray the boredom inherent in the lousy jobs available to twentysomethings, is it best to make a boring movie about it? Chris Smith must have thought so. Or maybe I'm just used to six second shots and have been warped by too much MTV. I don't think so. In the "American Job" press kit, it says that "monotony is transformed into some bizarre kind of performance art." Well, if you say so. But to the people stuck in minimum wage jobs, performance art is about the last thing they are thinking about. Nice try, but I'm not buying this as a statement on the American job market.

What was really interesting about this screening of "American Job" was the short that preceded it. "The Escape" is also by Chris Smith and is imaginative, funny and just plain delightful. Two Twinkies escape from the Twinkie factory. That is it. It is three minutes at most, but better than any three minutes in "American Job".

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