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"Rich Man's Wife"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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Always suspect the wife. Well, I certainly suspect Halle Berry. Maybe she took the lead in the murderous "The Rich Man's Wife" as a warning to her almost-ex. There had to be some other reason than the predictable plot and luke-warm direction provided by writer/director Amy Holden Jones. Berry is terrified of getting out of a Jeep on a country road at night, but leaps out of her car in an obviously bad city neighborhood? And returns to the car after being pursued by a psycho bent on killing her? I have a problem with a female writer who contrives "Indecent Proposal" but is capable of "Mystic Pizza".

So Christopher McDonald - with a padded belly - is the conflicted husband, Berry is his wife, and Clive Owen is her British lover. But it is Peter Greene as the reality-challenged Cole who adds the only intensity to what is supposed to be suspenseful. And Clea Lewis, from the TV series 'Ellen', is the outstanding comic relief. She is a welcome respite from the dreariness of this stale rerun. Rated R.

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