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by Leslie Rigoulot

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Pacino and De Niro and Kilmer: that's a lot of star power and it isn't totally wasted in Michael Mann's HEAT. It is just too much of a good thing! Three hours of cat and mouse between Pacino's cop and De Niro and Kilmer as the thieves he is after just wears thin. What makes it interesting is that neither the cop nor the robber is able to maintain a romantic relationship because of their relationship with each other. Being able to "walk away from anyone in 30 seconds flat" is deemed an admirable quality when you're a thief. And it seems to work for cops too. So when "the crew" is planning a series of heists, be ready for the relationships to play a major role. And the performances are fine. It is just that writer, producer, and director Michael Mann needed someone to edit his vision to a tighter frame. Rated R

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