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"Space Jam"

by Karen Jaehne

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Ya got Bugs, I mean, Mr. Bunny. Ya got Michael Jordan. Ya got Warner Brothers' entire collection of characters invented on Termite Terrace (where animators were exiled on the back lot). Ya got product placement for Nike. What more could you want?

In his cinematic come-back, Bugs Bunny does to basketball what he once did to opera. The only difference is Michael Jordan is here to defend himself, while poor old Wagner just upchucked in his grave. And basketball is not quite as silly as opera - but close.

Consider this: grown (and I mean grown-really-tall) men racing around half-naked between two little hoops that they alternately hang from and throw balls at. On the sidelines, Bill Murray aches for his chance to be a basketball star. Now that's absurd.

The mixture of animation and live action works as long as Bugs is in control. Which mean, Ivan Reitman, you may return to busting ghosts, but please leave animation to its masters. Bugs, Daffy, et al., don't need to be busted.

For Seinfeld fans, Wayne Knight (Jerry's dreadful super) plays a role as two-dimensional as any of the Tunes. He's about as funny as field hockey.

Best line of the movie: in defense of white men who can jump, Bugs claims, "You're not white. You're blank." Fortunately, the movie's bouncier than a basketball. Your only thought is, "What's next, Doc?"

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