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"Addicted to Love"

by Karen Jaehne

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Trying too hard to be too cute, "Addicted to Love" is predictable, beginning to end. This comes from the producers of the then-innovative "sex, lies and videotape", so it makes me wonder what happened to Robert Newmyer and Jeffrey Silver in the intervening years. Well, it has been sort of up ("The Santa Clause") and down ("Wagons East", "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead") for the pair since winning the Palme D'Or at Cannes. But the fault here has to lie with screenwriter Robert Gordon who wrote this claptrap after the breakup of his own long-term relationship. Makes you wonder what sort of revenge he tried to take on her! Sure, we all have revenge fantasies and that is what Gordon and the gang are trying to play on.

Matthew Broderick is perfect as a small town astronomer who loses his life-long love to the big city and a suave man of the world. Meg Ryan, however, is totally miscast as the worldly photographer who has been dumped by the very same man of the world. She is too sweet and vulnerable even with scads of dark eye make-up, the grungy hair and a leather jacket. Trying to look sultry, she looks like a pouting three year-old. But she convinces Broderick to assist her in her revenge on Tcheky Karyo's character. Revenge is the primary thrust and it is wicked, if brief, fun when the plots unhatch. And Broderick is eternally hopeful that Kelly Preston will come back to him, once Karyo is ruined. It is my hope, though, that Karyo himself won't be ruined after this film. He has tremendous screen presence and was able to be just as convincing as a jerk as he was as a man in love. It is the relationship between Broderick and Karyo that has the most authenticity.

You know, it just occurred to me that Meg Ryan was in the sappy "IQ" with Tim Robbins and Walter Matthew which makes me think that she should stay away from movies with scientists falling in love. Rated R from Warner Bros.

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