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"Waiting to Exhale"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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I was thinking that it is far fetched to believe that Whitney Houston (of all women!) would have a hard time finding a good man to marry, and then I recalled that she is married to/estranged from Bobby Brown. How does one of the most talented, successful women in America end up with a man who can't seem to go a whole week without getting into trouble? WAITING TO EXHALE follows the lives of four black women who deal with the day to day details of life while looking for the one man who makes them sigh, gasp, exhale. This may be a chick flick, but it isn't just a black chick flick. Is there a woman alive who hasn't demanded an explanation from the Almighty about the losers that she keeps getting? While Whitney Houston and Lela Rochon seem to have subordinate stories to those of Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine, all four are humorous and vivid. WAITING is rated R for the sex scenes that are more abundant than those in SHOWGIRLS.

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