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"Twelve Monkeys"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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David Peoples wrote "Blade Runner" and it is very evident in his latest effort starring Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe and Brad Pitt. The visuals that director Terry Gilliam creates certainly grab hold. And "12 Monkeys" will follow "Blade Runner's" trail to cult favorite. Willis is sent from the post apocalyptic future back to our present to try to find the source of a deadly virus. In the looney bin he meets Stowe, the psychiatrist and Pitt, a raving nut. For those interested in Willis' and Pitt's backsides, both are in evidence. What seems to be lacking is an real sense of suspense. As soon as Willis tells Stowe the fate of a little boy trapped in a well, I knew that would be the key to whether or not she believed his outlandish tale of the future. As soon as Willis' dream is shown for the third or was it the fourth time, I knew how the movie would end. Gilliam gives us credit for having sophisticated enough movie sense to be able to track the time travel, but not enough for being able to put the pieces of a mystery together long before he does. The acting is good, and the visuals are sharp. But at two hours long, they should have just settled for six monkeys. Rated R.

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