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"Truth or Consequences, N.M."

by Leslie Rigoulot

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Kiefer Sutherland sees his heroes of "Truth or Consequences, NM" as two star-crossed lovers and working class heroes. Sorry, but Dilbert is a working class hero anymore. These folks are just plain losers. Vincent Gallo as Lembeke gets out of jail and Kim Dickens as his loving Addy set out for a better life. But their idea of a better life is lifting a million dollars worth of coke from Lembeke's employer with the help of Kiefer Sutherland as a trigger-happy sociopath and Mykelti Williamson as the muscle. Not being too bright, this merry band goes from bad to worse when they end up taking yuppies Kevin Pollak and Grace Phillips hostage on the road. None of it is any too original but it is well done.

This is considered Sutherland's feature directorial debut despite "Last Light" which he directed for Showtime. (BTW, it is excellent if you can find it on video.) He focuses on the hostages' reaction to the unusual situation they are thrown into, knowing that they are the ones the audience will most likely identify with. Sutherland had worked with Pollak on "A Few Good Men" and easily recruited him to work on the film. Vincent Gallo and Kim Monroe are almost continuing their work in last year's "Palookaville" as a couple trying to reach the unreachable American Dream. And of course, you won't recognize Mykelti Williamson as Forest Gump's best friend, Bubba but it is him. With roles in the upcoming "Twelve Angry Men" for Showtime, "Con Air" with Nic Cage and "Double Tap" for producers Joel Silver and Richard Donner, Williamson is about to lose his anonymity. Maybe he can take lessons from Sutherland on dealing (or not dealing) with celebrity. Having performed in over thirty films by age thirty, he is also well known as a hard-partyer who almost married Julia Roberts. Maybe his directorial skills will one day overshadow his person past. For now, "Truth or Consequences, NM" is a good ride, not a great one. Rate R Columbia

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