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I'm most enthusiastic about "Inside/Out" by the redoubtable Rob Tregenza, who returns in this movie to the long-take mode of "Talking to Strangers," his fabled 1988 schizodrama, now available on video from Parallel Films, his Maryland-based production and distribution company. Like that earlier picture, "Inside/Out" follows a minimal storyline with a deftly moving camera that films the action in lengthy shots of extraordinary gracefulness and virtuosity. The effect of these fluid, unblinking takes is to heighten both the gritty realism and the dreamlike delirium built into the bare-bones plot about inmates and authorities in an out-of-the-way psychiatric hospital. Tregenza is a true master of cinematography, and "Inside/Out" is worth a close look by anyone with a serious interest in cinema as a visual art. Once again the weak link in his aesthetic is his handling of the performers, many of whom are visiby acting in a movie that must be about sheer *behaving* if it's about anything at all. But this caveat aside, I hasten to reaffirm that filmmaking of this high order doesn't come along very often.

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