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"Brain Candy"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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April 15, 1996

With Prozac and Ritalin prescriptions abounding, the time is right for a satiric look
at the world of pharmaceuticals and our obsession with happiness. "Brain
Candy", the Kids in the Hall's escape from cable and onto the big screen in just
such a vehicle. And occasionally it works. Not enough of the time for me to
recommend the movie to anyone who is A) older than 21 or B) not a big fan of the
Kids in the Hall. David Foley , Bruce McCullogh, Kevin McDonald, Mark
McKinney and Scott Thompson created forty very different characters and played
all of them, male, female, gay, straight, foreign and even heavy metal. There is
no doubt that the Canadian troupe is talented, but they may have needed more
guidance than Lorne Michaels, the Saturday Night Live creator, was capable of
giving them.

When a mood-altering drug is created to combat depression, one of the scientists
allows it to be used by a large corporation. The corporate dealing and marketing
ploys are well done, and give voice to the fears that we all have regarding public
safety and corporate profits. Even the party scene when compromised scientist,
Chris Cooper finds out that there is a much hipper, cooler party going on and that
only certain guests are invited to the "real" party plays on our vague fears
effectively. Kids in the Hall fans won't be disappointed, but the rest of us can only
hope that these talented folks will keep trying, with better results. Rated R.

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