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A daring downer of a film about two sisters. One sings; the other doesn't. But that doesn't mean she doesn't want to sing, with every desperate, self-destructive nerve in her drug-addled body. Mare Winningham plays the title character, a centered superstar named Georgia with a mellow, golden voice (Winningham does her own singing). However, the film's definitely unfocused focus is Georgia's younger sibling, Sadie (Jennifer Jason Leigh). If Sid Vicious had been separated at birth from a psychic twin sister, her name would be Sadie. With her mascara-ringed eyes and twitchy addict mannerisms, she's like a raccoon on smack. Or Janis Joplin in the '90s, only, sadly, without the talent. What Sadie has in spades is pain, pain she pours into her life and her singing with a burning neediness and misplaced ambition. Ulu Grossbard directed from an unrelenting script by Barbara Turner (Leigh's mom). The strong supporting cast includes John Doe (of X) and Ted Levine. But the sisterly symbiosis of the two leads (both are amazing) remains the focus. "Georgia' is a movie for people who take their movies seriously - and like to talk about them afterwards.

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