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by Eleanor Ringel

Girl Talk: Sharon Stone used her Cannes time to make some canny distribution deals. Her Chaos Productions has signed a multi-year, first-look deal with Miramax. Stone will develop, acquire, produce and distrib ute films under the Miramax label.

Said the actress/producer/mini-industry: "I realized that to make the kind of quality movies I want, I had to have a bigger hand in making them. I want to make profound films with great integrity. Plus, this will be an opportunity for women in the film business."

However, according to an anonymous Hollywood exec in a recent issue of Variety, women are what's wrong with the movie business, In a column about skyrocketing salaries for mega-stars ($20 million for Sylvester Stallone,$17 million for Arnold Schwarzenegger,16 million for Bruce Willis) a mogul attributed the astronomical price hikes to Mrs. Willis, a.k.a.,Demi Moore, who's getting about $12 mill for "Striptease."

Said the source: "Everybody seemed OK at $15 million,but then suddenly she's $3 million away from the biggest male stars. It's been out of control ever since." Well, best nip this kind of competition in the bud. Thus the "Pocohantas" ads placed by Burger King in which kids are invited to pretend "You are John Smith and You've discovered something magical!" The ad, currently running on TV, shows what appears to be two boys and a girl pretending to be explorer John Smith. Heaven forbid they should be asked to "pretend to be Pocohantas." It would be Native American but UnAmerican.. After all, studies show that girls will watch movies with boy protagonists but it doesn't work the other way around. or so the STUDIES say. Why change things? Let's perpetuate stereotypes and prejudice!

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