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"The Net"

by Eleanor Ringel

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Revenge of the computer nerds! In this taut, fast-moving thriller, Sandra Bullock stars as a computer whiz who specializes in troubleshooting tricky viruses. When she stumbles across a program linked to a top-secret high-tech conspiracy, she finds herself on her own and on the run. Director Irwin Winkler is more admired for movies he's produced ("Raging Bull," "GoodFellas") than for movies he's directed ("Guilty By Suspicion," "Night and the City"). However, this film is a step in the right, well, direction. "The Net" is a smart, confident film whose inevitable lapses in logic are simply endemic to the genre. Sure, it's more Grisham than Hitchcock, but these days, what isn't? The strong supporting cast is topped by stand-up comic Dennis Miller and British newcomer, Jeremy Northam (he looks like a slighter Liam Neeson). But the lynch pin is Bullock - a babe, all right, but a babe with brains, guts, humor and an endearing stubborn streak. Definitely download this one.

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